About Us

Welcome to @450.sg, where we wholeheartedly believe in merging fashion with sustainability. In a world where single-use plastics can linger for up to 450 years, we felt the urgency to take action and be a catalyst for change. Our purpose is crystal clear – to convert discarded plastics into captivating fashion statements, step by step.

Immerse yourself in our handcrafted earrings, each a manifestation of our dedication to the cause. These gems are born from donated one-time-use plastics, meticulously chosen and artfully reimagined into one-of-a-kind adornments that resonate with your individual style. Beyond being a stunning accessory, every earring carries a narrative – an odyssey from refuse to revelation, and a testament to your commitment to sustainability and a brighter global footprint.

Join us in celebrating the journey of transformation, where fashion meets conscientious choices, and beauty becomes a beacon of positive impact on our precious planet.


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