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Obanai Iguro Earrings: Demon Slayer Collection

Obanai Iguro Earrings: Demon Slayer Collection

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✨S925 Silver

Introducing our mesmerising "Obanai Iguro" earrings, inspired by the enigmatic Demon Slayer character from Kimetsu no Yaiba. Crafted from vibrant yellow and green shampoo bottles, mirroring the striking hues of Obanai's eyes, each earring showcases intricately cut-out snakes that evoke his unique serpent-based abilities. A red crystal bead adorns each piece, symbolising the intense gaze of the serpentine creatures. Embrace the mystique of Obanai Iguro with this wearable tribute that blends artistry, character, and sustainability. 🐍✨

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